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Looking to build upon the rise of travel experiences amongst millennials, Aero Technologies provides a way for customers to fly private jets to hot, new locations globally. For example, the flight currently advertised on their webpage is from Oakland, CA to Telluride, Colorado – a popular ski destination.

When one first learns about Aero it is easy to see how Aero fits in with today’s instagram culture. Their site shows attractive people visiting picturesque locations, with reviews from Instagrammers highlighting the amazing experiences they’ve had on Aero. Quickly, you begin imagine taking an Aero flight to Coachella or to Greece before sailing around Mykonos. In this way Aero isn’t about flying on a private jet alone, as much as it’s about creating an overall experience.

At the moment, I would compare Aero to a mix between NetJets and JetSuiteX. It clearly is looking to deliver the ultra premium private experience that one would get with fractional private jet ownership like NetJets. Similar to JetSuiteX, Aero is positioning itself as a more luxurious and convenient alternative to commercial travel. Additionally, they seem to be adapting JetSuiteX’s model of leveraging less used airports (eg Oakland and Telluride) in what I would assume is an attempt to reduce costs and provide a more unique experience. However, unlike either of those companies, at the moment Aero does not actually own its aircraft, and instead acts as a ticket resale agent. However, according to Aero they are looking to build out their own fleet and operations by 2020, moving them closer to the typical airline model that we know today.

Currently, the company is being led by Uba Subramanian, formerly of Airbus backed helicopter mobility startup Voom. Ultimately, Uba will be faced with helping the company create ultra-luxurious experiences while also creating a sustainable, scalable business model in this niche, yet rapidly evolving market.


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